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House Extensions in Oxford

Under floor heating

With the current housing market, its a good time to create more valuable room in your property, refresh your home and feel a big difference. Home extensions and renovations are a good idea if you wish to create more room in your own home without having to moving home. The expense of selling your existing property and buying a larger one is likely to cost more than extending your own property, so why have to go through the stress of moving house when adding an extension or conversion can give you the space you have been needing without leaving the property you love.

Our Experts Have Years of Experience

Home Improvement Services have many years of experience building house extensions including single story and double story house extensions for clients across Oxford and Abingdon.

Small Extensions

Kitchen, house &loft conversions

The most common home extensions are of the family rooms, kitchen and master bedroom, these rooms are regularly the most extendable for home owners because they spend most of the time in these rooms. The rooms which have walls on the front and back edges of the house are far more easier to extent because it is more suitable to take down the wall and then build a new one further out into the garden or front of the house. You don't have to worry about matching brickwork because we can match the same style that already exists or even create a full wall window space to brighten up your new extension.

Planning For Your Extensions

House extensions can create many possibilities but you must consider some careful planning before you start. Think about the lighting that falls onto your property and at what times of the day, this can make the most of the light that enters your extension and should be considered if you want to benefit from the natural light in the mornings or evenings.

Single story house extensions

The quantity of windows will determine the amount of natural light entering your extension, planning the window positions and how many will be needed can help make the most of the light and an evenly positioned of opposing windows can also help spread the natural light evenly. Extending with a conservatory is a good option for giving lots of light into one room but tend to suffer from the cooler winter temperatures rather than fully insulated brick extensions however, under floor heating can resolve this issue and is also a space saving alternative to radiators.

To help decide whether a house extension will benefit your house or cramp your existing land, try marking out an area where you would like your extension to be on your property, this could help visualise how much room it can take up and how much room you will have left. Also consider how an extension may effect your neighbours, you may need to apply for planning permission which your neighbours can object to by right, make sure you are in good terms with them before you start any work to save any future problems.

Single Story Extensions Kitchen Extension - Before

Like all extensions, a single storey extension is a economic alternative to moving house and can suit the needs of more space for the present and the future. Having an extension built is considered a good investment for the housing market because it can add value to your home whilst providing the space you and your family need without having to go through the stressful house move, a single storey extension can make the most of the your property's available space.

Double Story Extensions Kitchen Extension - During

This type of extension extends both levels of your home and can provide thye space for an additional room or bathroom, a double storey extension gives plenty of space to substantially change your home without having to move house and the value it can add to your house is impressive.

Side Return Extensions Kitchen Extension - After

Side return extensions are commonly used to create extra space to your home, the space created by a side return extension can be used to extend any room where you may want to re-arrange the floor plan. If you already have a rear extension, a side return extension can be combined to form a wrap-around extension.

How Much to Build a Single Storey Extension

Wrap Around Extension Plans

Single and Double Storey House Extension

Small House Extension

To enquire about a single story, double story extension or any other house extension option, call Home Improvement Services for a no-obligation chat or for a free consultation contact us on 01235 280085 or

If you'd like more information on whether your proposed extension requires planning permission as now many don't under the new legislation on "Permitted Building Rights", feel free to use this link provided.

http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/common projects/extensions